Could improvements in the quality and speed of your repairs give you a competitive advantage?

By improving the quality and speed of repairs in line with increasing expectations, companies stand to gain competitive advantage.

The efficiency of today’s repair models can be measured in two key ways.

The first of these is speed. Consumer dependency on technology has led to increasing expectations in repair lead times – in a world where almost everything is reliant on technology, consumers feel almost unable to function without their phones.

The second is quality. As customers become increasingly informed and more aware, quality becomes of utmost important to a company’s brand and reputation. Our research suggests that, due to a lack of confidence in their repair processes, companies sometimes hold excessive stock to fulfil repairs rather than provide customers with refurbished stock.

Could improvements in the quality and speed of your repairs give you a competitive advantage? Read our article here to find out more.

Improving the quality and speed of repairs, the Unipart Way

Unipart Logistics’ background in innovation and experience in reverse logistics means we produce tailored solutions that enable our customers to repair products better and deliver them faster—reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

With a specialism in mobiles, tablets, set top boxes, routers and PCBs, all to component level, Unipart Logistics can not only offer the physical repair of assets but also help design and manage an organisations repair network to optimise lead times and costs, ensuring the best overall experience for the customer and the maximisation of an assets lifecycle.

Using insights from advanced diagnostics on products, we support businesses to reshape their reverse supply chains, continuously focusing on reducing the number of repairs required by providing feedback and actions upstream in the supply chain to improve customer resolutions.

Supporting the solution is a  customer facing platform that deals with every customer issue when seeking support on a repair of a device, ensuring they get the right resolution quickly and avoid unnecessary lead times and costs.

With market leading turnaround times, we deliver repaired products at a speed that delights your consumers. By restoring confidence in the quality of your repairs, we free you from the need to carry excessive stock.

Are poor lead times letting down your business? Are the quality of your repairs negatively impacting the way your company is perceived by your customers? Contact us now to see how Unipart Logistics could help you to rethink repair.


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