Consumer Sector

With the continuing changing face of the Consumer and the patterns of personal consumption, supply chain solutions within this dynamic sector need to be agile and flexible.

With the next 10 years set to be even more fast-paced and evolutionary as the preceding 10 years, especially in the field of technical advancements and the digital revolution, the supply chains of the future will be radically different to today’s.

The strive to provide a wider range of goods, with enhanced on-shelf availability and faster routes to market, with lower cost to consumers, all whilst maintaining profit margins, means the industry’s Supply Chain and Logistics Directors, now and in the future, must be as forward thinking and innovative as any sector.

In this extremely fast-paced environment we can help you manage and optimise your end-to-end supply chain requirements and to deliver exceptional performance through a combination of strategic, tactical and operational improvements.

Unipart Logistics provides dynamic order fulfillment solutions that are tailored to the needs of our customers. Our flexible Warehouse Management System solutions can deal with even the most challenging customer demands.

Our breadth of services within the Consumer sector covers; multichannel warehousing, retail fulfillment, eFulfillment, customisation, kitting and packing, returns management and transport courier management.

We work with our customers to support them in the development and delivery of agile, adaptive supply chain solutions where responsiveness and a customer-centric culture are of paramount importance, delivering a range of benefits.

  • Providing visibility of the total cost to serve, from product manufacture to recovering end of life value
  • Build flexible integrated infrastructures
  • Improving on-shelf availability and inventory management and visibility
  • Handling seasonal peaks
  • Supporting in-store product launches and new store openings
  • Implementing e-commerce operations
  • Maximising the value of returns, based on; asset condition, customer demand, market price and the cost to refurbish/repair.

Unipart provides tailored logistics solutions for a number of market-leading blue-chip companies in the Consumer goods sector, putting our Customers and their Consumers first and through a full range of services.

We work collaboratively in partnership with our customers to ensure we deliver their key corporate and service objectives.

Contact us now to find out how we can help you in the Consumer and Retail sector, offering a truly bespoke solution to meet the needs of your business.