The consumer sector and patterns of personal consumption continue to change dramatically, and supply chain solutions for this dynamic sector need to be agile.

The next 10 years are set to be even more fast-paced, especially in technical advancement and the digital revolution. Supply chains of the future will therefore be radically different to today’s.

The drive to provide a wider range of goods, with enhanced on-shelf availability, faster routes to market, and lower cost to consumers – all whilst maintaining profit margins – means the industry has to be forward thinking and innovative.

Our services for the consumer sector include:

Advanced Warehouse Solutions

We design and implement flexible warehouse solutions that respond quickly to changing customer demand, managing over 260,000 product lines across our consumer portfolio. This was evident through the Covid-19 pandemic, when Unipart increased distribution of products such as toilet roll and hand wipes by 55% for Kimberly-Clark overnight. Our combination of technology, great people and processes deliver sustainable, quality focused consumer warehouse operations.

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Dynamic Returns Solutions

Unipart Logistics offers invaluable insights for customers looking to understand returns and how their processes can support their customers whilst delivering maximum value in the supply chain. We use insights on returned assets to improve upstream activity such as manufacture and packaging. This helps our customers stay ahead of the competition, improves upfront compliance, and maximises the life of assets. We also manage receipt, sortation, inspection, and verification of goods. 

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Supply Chain Visibility

Using digital technology we create advanced insights through real-time visibility into your supply chain. This means intelligent decisions  are made to reduce cost, inventory and interruptions, whilst maintaining optimum service.

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Packing Solutions

Working with our customers we deploy automated packing solutions that support the customer experience. This means that products are safe, easy to handle, and protected door to door. Environmental sustainability is fundamental to our business, we care about sustainable packaging and helping our customers develop a sustainable supply chain.

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Kitting and Customisation

We provide new and bespoke ways of personalising products to support marketing campaigns, give customers choice, and help your product reach the right audience. For retail channels we have a dedicated team who make smart decisions about the customisation, kitting and personalisation of products to drive sales.

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Digital Technology Solutions

Unipart has developed an extensive range of digital capabilities that span across Data Science, IoT and Sensors, Picking Solutions, Robotic Process Automation, 3D Scanning and Printing and Augmented and Virtual Reality. We have developed a range of products, such as our bespoke Warehouse Management System and advanced forecasting and visibility solutions, that are proven to drive efficiencies into supply chains.

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Unipart provides tailored logistics solutions for blue-chip companies in the consumer sector. We recognise that consumer leaders across the globe are seeking to reinvent their supply chains, to provide greater standardisation and efficiency. The need for an agile and robust supply chain is at the forefront of driving value to customers, particularly since the Covid-19 pandemic. Consumer sector supply chain models should be seamless, digitised, and – above all – intelligent.

We work collaboratively in partnership with our customers to ensure we deliver their key corporate and service objectives.

Our consumer customers include...