As market confidence and the demand for commercial air travel continues to increase, the aerospace industry’s need for process excellence, sustainability and digitisation has become a critical requirement in enabling challenging production targets to be achieved.

Aerospace supply chains must become more efficient, more resilient and more sustainable. Aerospace operators looking for a performance step-change to future-proof their supply chains are seeking collaboration, direction and partnership as an enabler to supply chain transformation.

Unipart Logistics’ combination of best practice supply chain solutions embeds operational excellence, quality and innovation into business critical operations. Unipart operations are built upon world-class sustainability practice, industry leading health and safety standards and intelligent digital solutions achieving true supply chain transformation for the aerospace sector.

Our services for the aerospace sector include:

Production Logistics

We deliver production logistics solutions to maximise productivity by enabling the consistent, controlled flow of parts into your aerospace assembly operations. We guarantee the right part, in the right place, just at the right time to reduce inventory and downtime. We deliver capabilities built on a long automotive supply chain heritage for solutions including line side, sequencing, in-plant and kitting to support production plans.

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Inventory Optimisation

Ensuring the right products and parts are available at the right place and time to achieve demanding production schedules is critical to business reputation, delivery of new products and removing costly down-time and product shortages from production facilities. Unipart has a dedicated inventory team independently managing stock, from sourcing to planning. This is supported by an array of digital tools designed and built in-house for inventory optimisation, forecasting and simulation to ensure maximised stock and part availability whilst reducing working capital tied up in excess stock.

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Advanced Warehouse Solutions

We design, implement and run flexible warehouse solutions that respond quickly to changing customer demand. We do this by combining technology with experienced operators to deliver dynamic multi-channel fulfilment.

Our Advanced Warehousing Solutions are backed up with digital technology for automation, efficiency and for end-to-end process visibility. This helps businesses assess the cost-effectiveness of their operations and optimise supply chain performance in line with customer expectations. We have a suite of digital  products to work alongside our experienced operators that ensures our world-class approach people and process efficiency, safety and engagement.

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Digital Technology Solutions

Unipart has developed an extensive range of digital capabilities that span across Data Science, IoT and Sensors, Picking Solutions, Robotic Process Automation, 3D Scanning and Printing and Augmented and Virtual Reality technology groups. We’ve developed a range of digital solutions to drive safety, efficiency and sustainability into your supply chain.

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Supply Chain Visibility

Using digital technology we create insights through real-time visibility throughout your supply chain. Unipart has a variety of digital tools to enhance supply chain visibility, allowing our customers to make data driven decisions. Unipart’s forecast, optimisation and simulation tool improves the accuracy of sales forecasts, reducing uncertainty and simulating events to model potential impacts and what parameters need to be amended to achieve the desired output. Our Paradigm Insight portal takes live data from IoT sensors and presents this via a web-based portal for ease of access 24/7.

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