Technology Sector

The Technology market is by design fast paced, where the newest products often lead the market for only the shortest period of time.

It is made up of large corporations, niche players and up-and-coming brands. For the Technology industry, competitive markets are the norm. A flexible partner providing fast omni- channel solutions to ensure delivery into the customer hands as quickly as possible and rapid repair solutions, removing the pain from reverse logistics and protecting customer satisfaction is paramount to a product’s success.

Our knowledge of the Technology industry has been built on delivering services and end to end supply chain solutions to deliver every exacting need of this market over that last 20 years.

Using insights from advanced diagnostics on products, Unipart Logistics support businesses to reshape their reverse supply chains, continuously focusing on reducing returns and repairs by providing feedback and actions upstream in the supply chain to improve customer resolutions.

Supporting the solution is a  customer facing platform that deals with every customer issue when seeking support on a repair or a return of a device, ensuring they get the right resolution quickly and avoid unnecessary lead times and costs.

With award winning capability in repair and recycling, Unipart Logistics are able to provide fast high quality device repairs direct to the consumer or back into stock. With back to base or on the high street repair solutions, Unipart Logistics offers superfast turnaround times.

With a specialism in mobiles, tablets, set top boxes, routers and PCBs, all to component level. Unipart Logistics can not only offer the physical repair of assets but also help design and manage an organisations repair network to optimise lead times and costs, ensuring the best overall experience for the customer and the maximisation of an assets lifecycle

Unipart Logistics delivers bespoke solutions with a competitive edge for a wide variety of world class brands.

We have had unparalleled success in delivering innovative solutions to market first. This is why the world’s leading technology brands choose to work with us.

Contact us now to find out how we can help you in the Technology sector, offering a truly bespoke solution to meet the needs of your business.