The technology market is by design fast paced, and the newest products often lead the market for only the shortest period of time.

It is made up of large corporations, niche players and up-and-coming brands. For the technology industry, competitive markets are the norm. It is paramount to a product’s success to have a flexible partner providing fast omni-channel solutions to ensure delivery into the customer’s hands as quickly as possible, and rapid repair solutions, removing the pain from reverse logistics and protecting customer satisfaction.

Our knowledge of the technology industry has been built over the last 21 years. Today, using digital technologies, Unipart has transformed that vast and deep experience into a future-proof set of products and services ensuring we deliver at scale in line with customer needs.

Our services for the technology sector include:

Advanced Warehouse Solutions

Unipart runs highly secure Transported Asset Protection Association, state of the art, shared-user technology warehouses, located in the Golden Triangle of UK logistics to ensure expedient nationwide distribution. Our facilities cover a wide range of services and co-locate logistics and repair services for fast turnaround, asset value maximisation, and a multi skilled service offering. We provide exacting fulfilment solutions for our customers: to their own retail stores, their engineers, direct to consumers, corporate customers, and in bulk to large retailers. Our tailored solutions provide agility to get the products out there and in the customer’s hands, first.  Through our Advanced Warehouse Solutions, we manage an annual throughput of £4 billion, picking and distributing over 45 million items per year for our technology customers alone.

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Kitting and Customisation

This is a vital service for technology customers, from bundling to SIM kitting, to building a full new product kit. The Unipart warehouse management system manages kitting multiple items into a new single SKU, by using a bill of material with a list of the constituent parts to produce a new item or kit in accordance with the customer’s needs. We customise devices for corporate customers through enterprise managed services through which we preconfigure and customise business devices to meet the criteria of the end customer, such as downloading and installing apps, etching and charging.

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Inventory Optimisation

In today’s climate, ensuring the right products and parts are available at the right place and time to satisfy the consumers’ needs and ever evolving demands is critical to business reputation and a product’s success. Unipart has a dedicated inventory team independently managing stock, from sourcing to planning. This is supported by an array of digital tools designed and built in-house for inventory optimisation, forecasting and simulation to ensure maximised stock and part availability whilst reducing working capital tied up in excess stock. Our technology sites store over £0.5bn worth of inventory at any one point in time with unrivalled stock accuracy.

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Dynamic Returns Solutions

Our returns solutions are focused on maximising value for our customers. We combine a full spectrum of automated testing and triage solutions to accurately diagnose and grade devices. We use information feeds such as market price and cost to refurbish, to identify the optimum disposition for that device, through our dynamic disposition matrix. Unipart also offers a customer facing portal to diagnose issues up front, enabling customers to self-serve, diagnose, and if necessary book in a return or repair. This can be accessed via a web-based portal on the customer’s website, an app or via the customer service team.

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Repair and Refurbishment

Unipart has provided repair and refurbishment services (R&R) in the technology sector for over 17 years. With award winning capabilities, we operate R&R services that are focused on customer experience, maximising value, and returning assets back into the technology market as quickly as possible. We provide accredited, high quality component level repair solutions, with fast turnaround to ensure customers are not without their devices for long. We provide refurbishment back to stock or for onward sale to maximise value, using new and reconditioned parts. Unipart has a strong and credible reputation in the repair market, with OEM accreditations and on-site genuine parts to ensure quality and speed of repair. All of our repair and refurbishment services are performed under ISO 9001 and 14001.

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Lifecycle Management

Unipart has a wealth of experience in reverse logistics,  Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) and asset lifecycle management. We deliver lifecycle management solutions to increase the life and value of assets. Our solutions involve the responsible recovery, repurpose, resale and recycling of materials in line with global regulations and local legislation. We maximise value recovery for end of life products, ensuring legal compliance, and environmental and social responsibility. Unipart has a dedicated trading team who buy and sell devices on behalf of a variety of companies ranging from insurance to telecommunications, also managing the demand planning and forecasting of these devices against availability in the market.

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Customer Service Solutions

We provide customer service solutions that inform and advise. Whether it’s technical diagnostics, or a delivery query, our team provides efficient contact management solutions that resolve the issue first time. Our technical call centre supports diagnostics and returns avoidance programmes for customers. We call customers when we have their device and cannot find the fault as reported to understand their issue further to aid finding the fault, and support the customer with resolutions that may be linked to usage information. We have found that typically 30%-40% of the enquiries coming in can be resolved without the need for a return, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

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Integrated Distribution Solutions

Unipart distributes over 40 million technology items per year. We manage the end-to-end process from order fulfilment to final mile delivery working with our own in-house transport team and established partners. Our Carrier Management System gives customers a flexible approach to the final mile, offering a variety of service levels to consumers and businesses and leveraging economies of scale. We operate our own fleet of over 300 vehicles in the UK as well as provide fleet management services for Sky, who have over 3,500 vehicles in their network.

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Supply Chain Visibility

Unipart has digital solutions to enhance supply chain visibility, allowing our customers to make data driven decisions. Unipart’s digital forecast, optimisation and simulation tool improves the accuracy of sales forecasts, reducing uncertainty and simulating events to model potential impacts and what parameters need to be amended to achieve the desired output. Our Paradigm Insight portal takes live data from IoT sensors and presents this information in a digestible and interpretable format via a web-based portal for ease of access 24/7. These are just two of a variety of tools Unipart has developed in-house to address supply chain visibility needs for our customers.

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Digital Technology Solutions

Unipart has developed an extensive range of digital capabilities that span Data Science, IoT and Sensors, Picking Solutions, Robotic Process Automation, 3D Scanning and Printing and Augmented and Virtual Reality. We have developed a range of products, such as our bespoke Warehouse Management System, that are proven to drive efficiencies into your supply chain.

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Unipart can offer technology companies full end-to-end logistics, with market leading forward and reverse solutions that are further enhanced by  innovative and state of the art digital solutions. Our experience of change management and large-scale, complex implementations means customers can have confidence in a seamless transition and an agile partner who will continually challenge and review the solution to ensure the optimal results are achieved.