Can your logistics provider meet the ever-changing needs of the automotive industry?

By building agility into the supply chain and reducing inventory, Unipart Logistics enables automotive enterprises to adapt more quickly and efficiently to new and emerging supply chain challenges.

Not since Henry Ford improved mass-production with the first conveyor belt-based assembly line in 1913 have automotive supply chains experienced such a period of rapid change. China’s maturing car market is leading to rapid growth in demand across Asia, increasing supply volumes and creating new distribution channels for some of the world’s largest automotive companies. Closer to home, increasing consumer expectations and demand for more personalised, technologically advanced vehicles are influencing the kinds of suppliers that manufacturers are working with. Additionally, automotive companies need to adapt to shorter product life cycles, in response to new and emerging technology as well as electrification.

Automotive supply chains are some of the most complex supply chains and are packed with information. Information leads to insight and intelligence when utilised to its full advantage. The accuracy, relevance and timeliness of information is critical in the global automotive market.

To minimise risk and drive sustainable growth, automotive companies require agility and visibility across their supply chain operations that many businesses currently lack.

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Our broad automotive network and experience in solution design can be harnessed by automotive companies to deliver more agile and capable supply chains—now and in the future.

Drawing from our experience of production logistics and our manufacturing capability, we ensure automotive enterprises receive the right part, in the right place and at the right level of quality, just at the right time to minimise inventory and downtime. We work with our customers to reimagine their automotive supply chains, to prepare for electrification, autonomous vehicles, and fluctuating volumes.

Unipart Logistics’ Intelligent Supply Chain combines the best people with the best available and emerging technologies.

With a rich heritage, deep understanding of the automotive sector, and a unique combination of logistics, manufacturing and consultancy skills, Unipart Logistics has helped many of the world’s leading Automotive companies deliver world class supply chains.

Our automotive solution offers a range of services, including; End to End Supply Chain and Outsource Management, Planning and Forecasting, Supplier Relationship Management, Warehouse Management, Sales and Distribution, Dealer Management and Financial Management.

Is the ever-changing automotive industry putting pressure on your supply chain? Are you satisfied with your ability to predict, respond to, and adapt to those changes? Contact us now to see how the Unipart Way could power your automotive logistics.

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