We have an excellent track record of supporting businesses starting their journey in Asia Pacific. Whether you are looking to enter the market or transform your existing supply chain, Unipart Logistics is the partner of choice.

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We have ongoing and deep experience in Asia Pacific markets, leveraging the practical know-how from our global operations in industries from automotive to consumer.

Unipart Logistics first entered Japan in 2001, before expanding into China in 2008. Our growth journey in China included developing a nationwide presence of bonded and non-bonded sites, serving the rapidly expanding automotive industry. We brought our experience in a complex but key industry sector that was developed over decades.  By 2010, Unipart Logistics was also operating across Australia, India and a rapidly expanding South Korea.

As environments, markets and consumer behaviour change, supply chains need to adapt.  Asia Pacific is wide ranging and rapidly evolving, and increasingly at the forefront of many consumer trends.  Our experience includes rapid supply chain establishment to larger transformations and inventory balancing.  Within this we offer a variety of supply chain services including; Advanced Warehouse Solutions, Aftermarket Logistics, Inventory Optimisation, Integrated Transport Management Solutions, Repair and Refurbishment, Lifecycle Management, Kitting, Packing, Customer Service, Supply Chain Visibility and Digital Supply Chain Technology.  

Through the Unipart Way and our focus on employee engagement and operational excellence, Unipart Logistics has grown over the years with our customers. In China, this includes building a new and highly responsive Asia Pacific wide supply chain for the world’s leading electric car company, which moves product rapidly and grows when required, with minimal notice.  This includes the receipt of product from multiple domestic and international locations, as well as packing services, intelligent warehousing and international distribution.

Our experience in Australia is equally varied.  We manage complex supply chains for large automotive clients in Sydney and Melbourne, bringing proven methodology and digital systems to a diverse market where efficiency levels are a key determinant in supply chain success.  This, combined with nearly 20 years experience in Japan and over 10 years in South Korea, enables Unipart logistics to provide a unique perspective to regional supply chain management and transformation.

Is your supply chain capable of adapting to change as readily as you wish in the fast changing Asia Pacific market?

Contact us now to see how our experience in adapting and managing supply chains in the ever-changing Asia Pacific region could be the solution for your business.

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