Quality is never more crucial than when it comes to asset repair and refurbishment.

Our research suggests that due to a lack of confidence in repair processes, companies sometimes hold excess stock to fulfil repairs rather than provide customers with refurbished stock.

Our focus on innovation and experience in reverse logistics means we have tailored solutions and repair products to the highest standards and deliver them fast – reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. We have created bespoke solutions with a competitive edge for a wide variety of leading brands including Sky, Vodafone and Virgin.

Unipart has provided Repair and Refurbishment Solutions to the technology and utilities sectors for over 17 years. We provide accredited, high quality component level repair solutions, with rapid turnaround.

We have award-winning capability, specialising in mobiles, tablets, set top boxes, routers, batteries and PCBs, all to component level. Unipart repair assets, but also support the design and management of repair networks to optimise lead times and cost, ensuring the best customer experience and the maximisation of an asset’s life cycle. 

Our Repair Solutions include;
  • Automated testing and triage solutions
  • Modular and technical repair solutions
  • Refurbishment
  • Fraud, security and data management
  • Diagnostic systems

Unipart has a strong reputation in repair, with OEM accreditations and on-site genuine parts to ensure quality, high speed repair. All of our Repair and Refurbishment Solutions are accredited under ISO 9001 and 14001.

We use innovative, high precision automated technology which pin-points faulty components within seconds. We provide valuable insight for our customers through capturing data about assets returned from the field. We look at the ageing of components, allowing proactive replacement of components that are showing signs of deterioration. Our data can also be used in warranty claims with OEMs. 

Supporting our Repair and Refurbishment Solution is uServe, a  customer facing platform, that ensures customers get the right resolution quickly to avoid unnecessary time and cost.

We deliver repaired products at a speed that delights your consumers. By restoring confidence in the quality of your repairs, we free you from the need to carry excessive stock.

Could improvements in the quality and speed of your repairs give you a competitive advantage?