We have a suite of Digital Technology Solutions to deliver end-to-end supply chain visibility.

One of these products is a  forecast, optimisation and simulation tool that uses data science to improve the accuracy of sales forecasts. This is proven to reduce uncertainty, and simulates events to model potential impacts, along with the parameters to be amended to achieve the desired output. 

Another product is UniTrack which brings together data from multiple sources to create a visibility platform. This shows where orders are across a global network, including in the air, on the road or at sea. This enables better procurement decisions, improved customer service and supplier management.

Our Paradigm Insight portal takes live data from IoT sensors and presents this information in a digestible and interpretable format via a web-based portal.

Combining our products and digital capability allows us to create digital twins. Digital twins in supply chains provide near real-time digital replicas of the physical reality, by combining system data feeds, IoT and sensors and other big data into a meaningful visibility platform. As well as improving supply chain visibility to enable better decision making, digital twins create a risk-free environment through which to carry out simulation and modelling, which is essential for continually transforming and improving supply chains.