How do you meet rising customer expectations cost effectively?

As consumer expectations rise, so too does the cost of meeting them. Unipart Logistics can help you balance service standards and cost to ensure you consistently satisfy—and retain—your Customers.

The digital world has given consumers unparalleled access to businesses the world over. With this comes choice, convenience, and the ability to make more economic purchasing decisions.

Today’s customers expect to get their goods fast and to their convenience when they order them. They expect flexibility around delivery options, and increasingly, they expect little or no delivery charge for these services.

It is the businesses consistently delivering exceptional customer services that stand the biggest likelihood of not only maintaining customer loyalty among their consumer base but attracting and winning new customers from their competitors.

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Optimising supply chain operations, the Unipart Way

At Unipart Logistics we understand that many businesses are challenged with raising their service levels to meet customer expectations. Through a holistic approach integrating processes, people, and systems, we enable our customers to optimise their supply chains.

Our supply chain systems provide end-to-end visibility, helping businesses to assess the cost-effectiveness of their operations and optimise supply chain performance in line with customer expectations.

Our breadth of Dynamic Order Fulfillment Services includes; Multichannel Warehousing, Retail Fulfillment, eFulfillment, Customisation, Kitting and Packing, Returns Management and Transport Courier Management.

We work with our customers to support them in the development and delivery of agile, adaptive supply chain solutions where responsiveness and a customer-centric culture are of paramount importance, delivering a range of benefits.

A competitive advantage is everything in today’s business, and a world-class supply chain can deliver this. Information leads to intelligence. In particular, the accuracy, relevance and timeliness of information is critical in global commerce. Unipart Logistics’ Intelligent Supply Chain combines the best people with the best available and emerging technologies.  Our flexible Warehouse Management Systems can deal with every customer demand.

Unipart Logistics can design a solution that is focused on delivering quality order fulfillment with assurance and ease for the future.

Is a new technology product launch raising distribution challenges? Could a later cut-off time improve your customer service? Are rising customer expectations causing you to reconsider how your supply chain operates? When did you last review the cost-effectiveness of your operations?  Contact us now to see how the Unipart way could improve your supply chain—and delight your customers.

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