Automotive supply chains are facing a massive revolution that will see electrification, driverless cars, shrinking production volumes, and highly customised products transforming the sector.

While these developments are seemingly unconnected, they do have one thing in common—all of them will require greater agility in the supply chain. The automotive industry needs to deliver fundamental changes to supply chain management. Those businesses with the best chance of thriving in the face of developing technology and market pressures are those who take steps towards future-proofing their operations now.

Adaptation is key in the automotive industry. With flexible systems, enterprises will be better equipped to support fluctuating demand, customised product manufacture, responsive order fulfillment, and the robust inventory management essential for ensuring the right products are always available for customers.

Our services for the automotive sector include:

Production Logistics

We deliver production logistics solutions to maximise productivity by enabling the consistent, controlled flow of parts into your automotive production assembly operations. We guarantee the right part, in the right place, just at the right time to reduce inventory and downtime.

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Inventory Optimisation

We design intelligent inventory solutions that use predictive technology and big data to maintain the optimum balance between stock holding and service.  Our dynamic inventory management solutions manage forecast demand and automate stock replenishment decisions; resulting in reduced inventory and improved availability to customers and dealerships.

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Packing Solutions

We deploy packing solutions that reflect the increasing speed, scale, and complexity of modern automotive logistics processes. Our solutions support the overall brand experience, this means the products are safe, easy to handle, and protected door-to-door. Environmental sustainability is a core focus for Unipart Logistics; we care about sustainable packaging and helping our customers reduce the environmental impact of their supply chain. 

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Supply Chain Visibility

We use sophisticated digital technology across your end to end supply chain to create advanced insights through real-time visibility of every step – warehouse operations, road, air or sea from your suppliers or to your customers’ door. Intelligent decisions are made to reduce costs, inventory and interruptions, whilst maintaining optimum service for our customers.

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Digital Technology Solutions

Unipart has an extensive range of digital capabilities across Data Science, IoT and Sensors, Picking Solutions, Robotic Process Automation, 3D Scanning and Printing and Augmented and Virtual Reality. We have developed a range of products, such as our bespoke Warehouse Management System, that are proven to drive efficiencies into supply chains.

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Customer Service Solutions

Our call centre solutions drive productivity to enhance the automotive customer experience; whether it’s troubleshooting, or supporting service continuity, our call centres provide efficient contact management solutions that add value.

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Electric Vehicle Solutions

Unipart Logistics is uniquely positioned in the EV market, being both a manufacturer and an end-to-end logistics partner. Within Logistics we provide safe storage, compliance, packaging and carrier management for the EV industry. Our storage sites can include a level of temperature monitoring if required and are managed by dangerous goods experts. We are fully compliant with air freight regulations from IATA.  Safety is a key element when it comes to handling, moving, and storing EV batteries, our International Safety Awards success is in no small part due to our focus on the electrification of the automotive industry.

Another unique part of our EV offering is Hyperbat, Unipart Manufacturing’s joint venture with Williams Advanced Engineering. This provides UK-based battery technology, and the capability to serve international markets using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and digital technologies.  


Through these services combined with our rich heritage in the automotive sector, and a unique combination of logistics, manufacturing and consultancy skills, Unipart Logistics helps customers deliver world-class supply chains and customer experiences. We use our network and solution design experience to reshape and optimise supply chains, enabling adaptability to electrification and autonomous vehicles. We deliver exceptional service, integrity and partnership across the end-to-end supply chain to deliver competitive advantage for our customers. 

Health and safety is a critical factor. The British Safety Council named Unipart Logistics the safest company in the UK and Ireland, and among the top companies in the world for transport distribution and storage in the 2020 International Safety Awards. Using the tools of The Unipart Way, our philosophy of continuous improvement, Unipart has won 55 coveted Swords of Honour since 2011, more than any other company in our market. This is crucial to delivering long-term success in the EV industry.

Our automotive customers include...