We know that optimising inventory unlocks significant savings for our customers.

Through our  digital inventory system, we ensure our customers minimise working capital and reduce obsolescence costs, by only storing what is really needed.  Our digital inventory system increases revenue and customer satisfaction for our customers through improvements in stock availability. 

For organisations currently reliant on spreadsheet based inventory control, Unipart Logistics can provide a cost effective, digital system. We analyse data and work with our customers to set realistic and practical stock levels that reduce overstocking and improve availability. 

Our capability in Inventory Optimisation has been developed over 15 years. In that time it has benefited a wide range of leading brands across multiple sectors. 

For the health sector we have a dedicated team of 60 people managing demand planning and forecasting, product lifecycle management, range management as well as supplier management. Our proprietary cost-to-serve tool provides our customers with a deeper level of understanding of the decisions they are making and the impact on their supply chain. 

For the utilities sector, our Inventory Optimisation Solutions ensures engineers maximise productivity. By optimising stock we ensure the engineers always have the necessary inventory to consistently meet service requirements – but no more.

Our inventory teams are supported by digital tools for inventory optimisation, as well as forecasting and simulation to reduce working capital tied up in excess stock.