Enabling a more Intelligent Supply Chain

With an increase in globalisation and businesses looking for new and innovative ways to serve their customers, the ability to turn information into intelligence is key. The accuracy, relevance and timeliness of this information is critical when it comes to global commerce and making decisions.

Competitive advantage is everything in business and a world class supply chain can deliver a competitive advantage.

As supply chains become increasingly digitalised, more data is available to businesses than ever before. It is important that businesses are able to draw insight and value from this data that allows them to make fast decisions that balance cost and efficiency with speed and responsiveness.

Our Intelligent Supply Chain proposition consists of 3 channels that focus on beneficial long term relationships with our customers.


Our expert consultants will work with your teams to identify opportunities across supply chains that deliver value to Customers whilst improving overall Cost-to-Serve and Working Capital.

Our capabilities span:

  • Supply Chain Strategy including customer requirements definition, audits & benchmarking, PMO.
  • Network Design, transport planning, business simulation
  • Inventory Management including provision of Unipart Inventory System (UIS)
  • Supply Chain Process Improvement (including data enrichment and ERP systems implementation support)


Our portfolio of SaaS (Software as a Service) proposition utilises the latest advancements in technology to create integrated and interconnected software services/applications to help you better manage your supply chain using 4 styles of data analytics:

  1. Descriptive – What has happened?
  2. Diagnostics – Why has it happened?
  3. Predictive – What might/is going to happen?
  4. Prescriptive – What should I do?

Our applications include:

Global Control Centre

Using cutting edge integration, analytics and visualisation software the Global Control Centre provides full transparency of performance across each stage of your value chain


Unipart Inventory System helps you to understand and manage your overall inventory policy, forecast demand, automatically generate replenishment stock orders and expedite shortages

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Unipart Logistics offer a full suite of outsourced logistics services which has been our traditional heartland – including Forward and Reverse Logistics, accredited Technical Repair, Dynamic Order Fulfillment, Just-In-Time Production  and Field Engineer Network Support .

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