As shopping habits change and consumer expectations rise, traditional returns processing is struggling to keep up, leading many retailers and technology providers to consider new and innovative ways of managing reverse logistics. 

Although supply chain technology is more sophisticated than ever before, without clear objectives, specialists in data analytics, and an understanding of how to get the value from the technology, retailers run the risk of investing in systems without getting the value from them.That’s why at Unipart Logistics, we have developed a unique approach to our returns solution that focuses on your bottom line.

We work in partnership with our customers to create returns management solutions, focused on reducing returns by providing rapid feedback and actions upstream in the supply chain.

Our intelligent decision modelling identifies which of the four channels is most appropriate for returns: resale, return to manufacturer, repair, or recycling. Combining this diagnosis with knowledge of product condition, customer demand, market rate and the cost to repair/refurbish, we enable customers to process their returns rapidly to maximise their value and satisfy their customers, including considering swap out models. 

Research suggests that, on average, your returns pass through seven pairs of hands before reaching their final destination. Our deep product understanding means we identify the root cause of returns issues at initial screening, minimising the need for future touchpoints. We also feed insights into product design, and work with customers and engineers to influence consumer behaviour to reduce returns. We combine the full spectrum of  automated testing and triage solutions with AI and verification activity to create dynamic disposition processes. This helps our customers stay ahead of the competition, improves up front compliance, and maximises the life of assets.  

For the technology and utilities sectors, Unipart offers a customer facing portal to diagnose issues up front, enabling customers to self-serve, diagnose, and if necessary book in a return or repair. This can be accessed via a web based portal on a customer’s website, an app or via the customer service team.

Having established strong relationships with carriers we offer customers a variety of ways to return a product (at your customer or engineer’s convenience) using our preferential rates and live visibility throughout the returns process.

We also manage receipt, sortation, inspection, and verification of goods, using sustainable yet robust packaging solutions.

We are experts in managing returns to maximise the value returned to our customers.