Are you overspending on your field engineer network?

By optimising stockholding across field engineer networks, enterprises can ensure their engineers always have optimum inventory levels to routinely meet service requirements—but no more.

In coming years, the most successful field engineer networks are going to be those that deliver service, efficiency and management of their vehicles—without overspending.

Many businesses hold excessive inventory on their vehicles in order to satisfy the unexpected requirement of jobs. Once the inventory is on a vehicle, businesses often have limited control of its movement or usage.

By removing non-value add activities (such as re-ordering) and reducing time spent travelling to a collection location, our intelligent fleet solution makes life as simple as possible for the engineer, while reducing unnecessary costs and overheads.

Intelligent Fleet Solutions, the Unipart Way

At Unipart Logistics, we recognise that technology alone does not solve the challenges around expensive field networks. When combined with a deep understanding of field engineering gained from supporting some of the most demanding customers in the world, we design and implement innovative solutions rapidly.

Our Intelligent Fleet Solutions increase the efficiency of engineer networks while raising the level of customer service. We accurately align engineer stock holding with service requirements, enabling enterprises to maintain optimised inventories across their fleet network—at a reduced cost.

Our sensor technology supports van stock management, fleet/asset tracking, the safety and security of the engineers and behavioural insights and management. This is supported by our offline support services including; engineer contact centres and communications; warehouse fulfilment channels; return management; and fleet lifecycle management

Our Intelligent fleet solution is focused on identifying trends and insights on the asset and engineer behaviors to improve the overall consumer experience

We connect field engineers in even the most complex supply chains. Efficiencies are achieved by using data from smart technology to find new ways to optimise assets and build competitive advantage for our customers.  To discover some of the benefits we have delivered for our customers using our intelligent fleet solutions, read one of our latest articles here.


Are your engineers holding excessive inventory on their vehicles just in case? Is the high cost of this affecting your bottom-line? Contact us now to see how a more intelligent supply chain could be the solution.

Read our latest article here to learn more about our Intelligent Fleet Solutions and the benefits delivered.