North America

Whether you are a North America based or Global company looking to enter the North America market, we can create a solution that works for you.

We understand the market in which you operate and have the experience to support your business.

Unipart Logistics has been operating in North America since 1998 where we have been rapidly increasing our presence over the past two decades. We now operate out of nine major cities, offering world class services and solutions to our existing and future customers across North America. We work with globally recognised clients across various industries within the North America market.

Unipart’s philosophy is about understanding both the real and perceived needs of its customers and providing you solutions based on your business. We offer a variety of services including Supply Chain Design, Dynamic Order Fulfilment, Reverse & Repair Logistics, Customer Service, Vendor & Inventory management, Import Export Handling and Lean Supply Chain Consultancy.

We have an engaged, passionate, and experienced local team that is supported by the 8,000 Unipart employees who work within the group globally. Unipart is dedicated to not just providing you excellent service, but in building a relationship that helps your business through its transformation journey on a personalised level. We can create a unique partnership and once we get to know you, we can innovate together to build creative solutions that will provide your business with continuous improvements and the tools to sustain operational excellence.

Are you confident in your supply chain’s agility? Have you got a trusted and experienced partner?

Contact us now to see how our experience in adapting and managing supply chains in North America could be the solution for your business.