The utilities sector is facing major and unprecedented challenges to deliver the UK’s target of decarbonisation and being carbon neutral by 2050.

This significantly impacts the infrastructure and products within the sector, from EV charging to smart homes. Commercial, regulatory and digital pressures are driving change throughout the industry at a rapid pace. Meeting these challenges, whilst delivering against increasingly demanding customer service pressures, needs a streamlined and optimised supply chain.

Our focus is supply chain transformation for our customers – we fully understand the need to maximise network resilience, inventory availability and visibility, and asset utilisation. Unipart brings over 30 years of supply chain experience to the utilities sector. Unipart has transformed that deep experience into a future-proof set of products and services ensuring we deliver at pace and scale.

At Unipart, we pride ourselves on having the highest levels of safety. Since 2011, Unipart has won 55 Swords of Honour, more than any other company in our sector, and was recently awarded the UK and Ireland overall country winner in the British Safety Council 2020 International Safety Awards.

Our services for the utilities sector include:

Integrated Distribution Solutions

Our transport solutions provide the optimum combination of in-house fleet, carriers, and systems to maximise visibility, sustainability, and reduce cost. We know your engineers are the heart of your business and work with our customers to maximise the productivity of large-scale engineering teams by reducing downtime and ensuring the correct materials are available where and when required.

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Supply Chain Visibility

Using digital technology we create insights through real-time visibility throughout your supply chain. Unipart has a variety of digital tools to enhance supply chain visibility, allowing our customers to make data driven decisions. Unipart’s forecast, optimisation and simulation tool improves the accuracy of sales forecasts, reducing uncertainty and simulating events to model potential impacts and what parameters need to be amended to achieve the desired output. Our Paradigm Insight portal takes live data from IoT sensors and presents this via a web-based portal for ease of access 24/7. 

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Inventory Optimisation

Our in-house forecasting and Inventory control system has been purposely developed for low cost rapid deployment and ease of configuration. With the functionality to analyse and diagnose our customers organisational inventory – based on historical usage data, we model and simulate optimised stocking and policy options.

By optimising stock for our customers we ensure they always have the necessary inventory to consistently meet service requirements whilst reducing the risk of excess and obsolescence.

We manage overall inventory policy, forecast demand, and automate stock replenishment decisions resulting in; savings in working capital, reduced overall inventory and stock holding, improved availability and improved productivity.

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Advanced Warehouse Solutions

We design and implement flexible warehouse solutions that respond quickly to changing customer demand and engineers’ requirements. We combine technology with experienced operators to deliver dynamic multi-channel fulfilment. We also look for innovative ways to provide cross-sector synergies and best practice. 

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Repair and Refurbishment

Our repair and refurbishment operations optimise lead times and cost, ensuring the best customer experience and maximisation of an asset’s life cycle. We provide technical repair services and diagnostic data to proactively inform future processes and decision making. We use innovative, high precision automated technology which pin-points faulty components within seconds. We provide valuable insight for our utilities customers through capturing data about assets returned from the field. We look at the ageing of components, allowing proactive replacement of those components that are showing signs of deterioration. The data is also used in warranty claims with OEMs.

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Dynamic Returns Solutions

Our returns solutions are focused on maximising value for our customers. We combine the full spectrum of  automated testing and triage solutions with AI and verification activity to create dynamic disposition processes.  This insight can be used by field managers to improve performance of service teams and avoid returns, resulting in reduced costs.

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Digital Technology Solutions

Unipart has developed an extensive range of digital capabilities that span across Data Science, IoT and Sensors, Picking Solutions, Robotic Process Automation, 3D Scanning and Printing and Augmented and Virtual Reality. We have developed a range of products, such as our bespoke Warehouse Management System, that are proven to drive efficiencies into your supply chain.

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At Unipart Logistics, we recognise that utilities leaders across the globe are seeking to reinvent their supply chains, to provide greater standardisation and efficiency to deliver safer, higher value, and more cost-effective benefits for customers. Developing an agile and robust supply chain is at the forefront of driving value to customers, particularly since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Utilities sector supply chain models should be being built to be seamless, digitised, and – above all – intelligent.

We work collaboratively in partnership with our customers to ensure we help deliver both corporate and service objectives.

Our utilities clients include...