We have a different way of working. We call it The Unipart Way It offers a refreshing and powerful alternative to the traditional approach.

Slide The Unipart Way isn’t just a set of tools it is a designed system that engages every single employee within an organisation. It not only to motivates people, it equips them with the skills to diagnose problems and create innovative solutions that will make a dramatic difference. Well, we’ve been refining The Unipart Way for over 20 years, and we can tell you in no uncertain terms that it works. For a start, it has completely transformed our own business. 2 YEARS

Slide We began by studying the pioneering work in employee engagement and refining it to suit the demands of the 21st century. We rigorously apply The Unipart Way to every part of our business, The result is a culture where a 'can do' attitude and a 'will do' commitment are infectious. from the shop floor to top floor Manufacturing, Logistics & Rail divisions The proof of our method’s efficiency is in the outstanding results our have achieved for our customers – and lately, in the astonishing transformations our Expert Practitioners have helped their clients to achieve by working with them to implement

Slide of policies issued on time for a leading insurance company – an improvement from 45%. 90% An 80% reduction in inventory across ten factories around the world for the industrial manufacturer

Slide for a single government department Savings of £1.2bn benefited from improvements in their ambulance service 23,000 additional patients More than We firmly believe that there is no business or organisation on the planet that cannot benefit from better employee engagement. There is a wealth of untapped potential in every person, however well they are already working. To learn more about The Unipart Way, contact us by clicking below Click Here The Unipart Way is a philosophy of working supported by a simple yet sophisticated set of tools and techniques that unlocks that potential.

And it works for everyone from the bottom up.