How Automotive Enterprises are Harnessing Our Experience to Deliver Supply Chains of the Future

Our broad automotive network and experience in solution design can be harnessed by automotive companies to deliver more agile and capable supply chains—now and in the future.

Drawing from our experience of production logistics and our manufacturing capability, we ensure automotive enterprises receive the right part, in the right place and at the right level of quality, just at the right time to minimise inventory and downtime.

We work with our customers to reimagine their automotive supply chains, to prepare for electrification, autonomous vehicles, and fluctuating volumes.

Automotive supply chains are some of the most complex supply chains and are packed with information. Information leads to insight and intelligence when utilised to its full advantage. Accuracy, relevance and timeliness of information is therefore critical in the global automotive market.

Unipart Logistics’ Intelligent Supply Chain combines the best people with the best available and emerging technologies.

There are three layers to the Intelligent Supply Chain:


Using our expert consultants, we identify opportunities to unlock value across the supply chain. This includes strategy development, infrastructure requirements, and inventory policy, as well as concept generation, such as warehouse automation.

We turn data from the supply chain into actionable insights, and work alongside our customers to execute the necessary changes.


Utilising advancements in technology and our integrated software solutions we design optimised supply chains for our customers, delivering significant benefit to both working capital and operating expenses. Our scenario modelling software provides confidence in our solutions within a controlled environment.

In addition, we provide customers with global supply chain visibility at their fingertips to enable them to manage their supply chains and make decisions in real time.


Unipart Logistics offers a full suite of outsourced logistics service, executing line side logistics, aftermarket logistics and supply chain management on behalf of our customers

How we helped customers reduce inventory and improve agility

Using our many years of experience in China, Unipart Logistics has built a new and highly responsive supply chain for the world’s leading electric car company that can move product rapidly and grow when required, with minimal notice.

Deploying the expertise of our Global Control Centre for a premium automotive brand enabled us to increase their global parts availability to 98%, whilst reducing their back orders by 72%.

Furthermore, using our Unipart Inventory Management System we are able to regularly reduce inventory on behalf of our customers, minimising stock holding costs whilst preserving service levels.

Is the ever-changing automotive industry putting pressure on your supply chain? Are you satisfied with your ability to predict, respond to, and adapt to those changes? See how the Unipart way could power your automotive logistics.