How Intelligent Fleet Solutions are Transforming Field Engineer Networks

We accurately align engineer stock holding with service requirements, enabling enterprises to maintain optimised inventories across their fleet network—at a reduced cost.

We connect field engineers in even the most complex supply chains. Efficiencies are
achieved by using data from Smart Vans to find new ways to optimise assets and build
competitive advantage for our customers.

Here are a number of examples as to how this approach has already been applied for customers.

1. Engineer fulfilment

We introduced an optimised lockbox solution across one company’s UK network, and in doing so achieved a Mileage saving of 1.4 million miles pa, delivering savings of £200,000 worth of fuel costs, as well as 46,000 driving hours.

2. Inventory optimisation

We currently optimise the inventory of several large enterprises, providing efficient
management of limited and high-value stock availability across a network and reducing cost, not only of inventory but also fuel costs through reduced vehicle size.

3. Returns processing

We developed an engineer returns process that took damaged product from customer
homes, repaired those products to an A-grade condition, and re-issued over 90% back into stock. We also reduced the return rate by 60% through feeding insights on intelligent diagnostics upstream.

Engineer networks, the Unipart way

Our intelligent fleet solutions will align your field network more closely with the needs and expectations of your customers.

At Unipart Logistics (UL), we recognise that technology alone does not solve the
challenges around expensive field networks. When combined with a deep understanding of field engineering gained from supporting some of the most demanding customers in the world, we design and implement innovative solutions rapidly. Our Smart Vans increase the efficiency of engineer networks while raising the level of customer service.

Are costs limiting your supply chain? Could your existing field network be damaging customer service? See how the Unipart way could transform your operations.