Unipart Digital Inventory System

Bringing advantages to companies in the manufacturing, rail, automotive, retail, distribution, and utilities sectors.

How UD Inventory System can help

UD Inventory System users report a range of benefits, which include:

● Improved planning and implementation of strategic change initiatives

● Reduced risk of service disruptions due to stock-outs, and any associated regulatory fines or contractual penalties

● Reduction of inventory and inventory footprint

● Increased service levels

● Improved process rigour, availability of data, and ability to continuously improve

● Support on-hand from a team of inventory experts, and annual system audits


Delivering real benefits:

One national utility company relied on UD Inventory System and Unipart’s team of inventory specialists to plan the specifications of a new supply chain. If the transition impacted service quality, they would face regulatory fines. With UD Inventory System, they successfully cut over to their new logistics facilities and:

● Removed suboptimal third-party supply chain partners
● Planned supply chain and inventory requirements to successfully meet demand
● Managed the risk of financial penalty


Creating efficiencies:

A global manufacturer of construction equipment needed to claw back space from a growing, inefficient aftermarket stores area. The store had been allowed to creep ever larger whilst management attention was focussed on improving manufacturing performance. By quickly rolling out the UD Inventory System the manufacturer has:

● Decreased stock levels of spare parts by 13%

● Improved inventory process rigour and increase service levels

● Put them on target to release space required for manufacturing expansion – avoiding significant investment in new facilities