Environmental Policy

Environmental Sustainability Policy Statement 2023 

Unipart Group is a leading provider of manufacturing, logistics and consultancy services operating
worldwide. We are committed to managing our business operations in a sustainable and
environmentally sound manner, enabled by data capture, tracking and measurement employing the
latest in digital technologies, that creates complete operational transparency. We recognise that our
business activities have direct and indirect impacts on the environment so we seek to conserve
natural resources, reduce our carbon footprint and waste, to protect the environment and prevent
pollution. We apply our Unipart Way philosophy, tools and techniques to continuously improve
operational efficiency and environmental performance.

Environmental Objectives 

Our environmental objectives have been set and are regularly reviewed to ensure that our
improvement programmes and actions effectively implement our environmental policy. They are:

  •  To take all measures to comply with relevant environmental compliance obligations
  •  To tackle climate change by adopting science based targets to achieve net zero carbon for our
    operational emissions (scope 1 and 2) by 2030 and net zero inclusive of emissions in our entire
    value chain (scope 3) by 2040, under our commitment to the UN’s Race to Zero campaign and
    verified by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi).
  • To identify and measure the significant environmental impacts of our activities, set improvement
    targets, to monitor and publish progress against those targets to all our stakeholders and
  • To take appropriate steps to protect the environment and minimise our negative impacts
    throughout the lifecycle of our products and services incorporating a Circular Economic framework
  • To reduce and eliminate single use plastics and paper from our business operations
  • To manage, minimise and report waste produced across our operations
  • To monitor and report on re-use and repair to maximise the lifecycle of consumables and other
  • To manage, minimise and report on water consumption across our operations
  • Use Environmental Management Systems to ensure standard processes are in place to manage
    the environment
  • To work with our interested parties and collaborate on environmental issues
  • Encourage environmental protection amongst our suppliers and subcontractors
  • To ensure that employees are aware of and engage in environmental issues relevant to their
    activities and have a level of knowledge and understanding appropriate to their environmental
    responsibilities, such that they can contribute to solving problems and make a difference in their
  • To introduce suitable arrangements to allow for communication to all persons who work for, or on
    behalf of the organisation, including public reporting of our environmental performance
  • To conduct an bi-annual review of our objectives, targets and performance to ensure these are
    still in line with progress and the changing social, political and technology landscapes and update
    this policy accordingly.

This policy will be communicated to all staff, contractors and suppliers and available to the public on

Darren Leigh
Group Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Pyne
Chief Sustainability Officer

Chris Weldon
Co-Group Finance Director

Tanya Russell
Group Company Secretary

January 2023