How do I get to the Advanced Supply Chain Institute?

The Advanced Supply Chain Institute is located within Unipart House, which is the headquarters for the Unipart Group, located off Oxford Road, Cowley, Oxford. The address is Unipart House, Garsington Road, Cowley, Oxford, OX4 2PG.  Tel: 01865 778966. Oxford train station is about five miles away and is a 30-minute journey by taxi. Ask the driver for Unipart House.

If you are using satellite navigation equipment, please use OX4 6LN.

entrance to advanced supply chain institute

Where do I park?

There are VIP spaces reserved specifically for anyone that’s booking a visit to the Advanced Supply Chain Institute. Follow the signage upon arrival and you will be directed straight to your allocated space.

map showing where to park


What do I do when I arrive at Unipart Headquarters?

Please make your way on foot using the map. Upon entering the building through the electronic doors, your host will be waiting to meet you. Please wear the badge provided for security purposes.

map showing reception


Is there anywhere to smoke?

map showing where to smoke

There are limited facilities on-site for smoking. Smoking is prohibited outside the designated areas. Please see the map and inform your host if you will be visiting the smoking area.


Can I buy refreshments anywhere?

Food and beverages will be provided for you as part of your Advanced Supply Chain Institute experience.  Please make sure your host knows ahead of time if you have any special dietary requirements.

We have a café and restaurant on-site should you need it, for example, for chauffeur or support staff accompanying you but not taking part in the Advanced Supply Chain Institute experience.


What happens if I feel ill or have an accident?

Please inform your host or any member of the Unipart team if you feel unwell or you experience something that was a near miss or an accident.  They will inform the relevant people, e.g. a first aider and will complete the necessary documentation to record the event.


What happens if there is a fire alarm?

Please follow your host or member of the Unipart team to the evacuation area as soon as possible.   Please do not take hot drinks, carry heavy items or return to an area to collect personal belongings.

map showing evacuation area


If you have any questions prior to your visit, please contact the reception team on  01865 384083 or contact your host directly.
We look forward to welcoming you to Unipart House and the Advanced Supply Chain Institute experience.