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Welcome to the Advanced Supply Chain Institute


The Advanced Supply Chain Institute is a multi-purpose learning and collaboration space in Unipart House, our Oxford headquarters. It’s where tomorrow’s supply chains are reimagined, enhanced and transformed.

Advanced Supply Chain Institute

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Organisations across all sectors are continually looking for new and innovative ways to use digital technology and automation to transform their businesses, increase resilience, reduce cost and lower environmental impact whilst also creating great customer experience.

Unipart is combining supply chain experience, digital capabilities and award winning development competence in its Advanced Supply Chain Institute. It’s where business challenges can be solved, supply chain resilience created and sustainable transformation delivered.


Teams and individuals are brought together to solve complex supply chain problems and define new ways of working to deliver additional benefits


Connecting and combining digital technologies to deliver new solutions can be achieved in real time using hands on access to some of the most sophisticated hardware and software


Find out more about our other research facilities such as the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering or the UK Rail Research and Innovation Network


Want to learn more about intelligent supply chains? Watch our videos below to find out more

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