Resilient inventory planning made easy

Unipart Digital Inventory System removes the need for multiple data sets and data exports providing analysis, reporting and optimisation in one place. It automatically generates the recommended orders or proposed stocking levels (or alternatively, the order files themselves), giving your supply-chain team more time to focus on exceptions and planning.

The result:

Siloes knocked down and a business transformed.
A business optimised to work with agility.



It’s time for a change

● Create operational efficiencies

● Reduce inventory, releasing working capital back to the business and releasing warehouse space

● Reduce the workload demands of managing an effective inventory

● Standardise business processes and improve outcomes

● Optimise stock availability and improve customer service delivery

● Reduce service or production stoppages as a result of stock-outs

● Increase resilience and business process agility

● Exception based planning and alerting can quickly identify and flag changes in supply and/or gaps between supply and demand

● Provides the data you need to make fast, informed decisions on inventory policy


Full life-cycle support from inventory management experts

● Consulting and analysis prior to implementation

● Modelling

● System integration

● System Configuration

● Training and ongoing support for technical and operational questions

Enhance inventory management with Machine Learning

New advanced data science capabilities deliver more mature demand forecasts, enhance data visualisation and drive multi-echelon optimisation.

UD Inventory system:

● Simulates the impact of existing or proposed inventory policies on historical data

● Identifies the most appropriate policies that provide the optimal combinations of stock and availability

● Applies a more generalised forecasting model which improves the accuracy of demand forecasting

● Enables outlier detection

● Automated tuning of forecast models and selection of most appropriate model