Unipart’s Digital Communication Cell connects teams anywhere, any time to share data and solve problems.

When distance or conditions like a pandemic prevent teams from meeting physically, they need a virtual environment that enables them to share information and best practice in real time.

Simple voice chat services, such as Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams, are limited to what teams can do and how they manage present and manage critically important information. In our fast-chaning world, having immediate access to live heartbeat business data and analytics is vital.

Unipart has built a unique product that combines world-class operational experience with the most advanced digital technology: it’s called The Digital Communication Cell.

From any point on the Digital Communication Cell network, you can link to multiple teams, share and compare performance data, and coach colleagues “in the moment” for continuous improvement.

Unipart’s Digital Communication Cell combines world-class operational experience with advanced digital technology, that can be customised for your specific needs, and integrates seamlessly with our portfolio of Unipart Digital products.