Why chose Unipart Digital Business Intelligence Solution?

Typical enterprise systems don’t make it easy to gather timely data. The sheer volume and complexity tends to be splintered across divergent departments and even systems. The answer is a business intelligence system.


The Unipart Digital Business Intelligence Solution is designed to make the experience straightforward. This online solution allows you to visualise data in a meaningful way. You can generate graphs, charts, and other widgets to bring your business data to life, resulting in actionable insights to share with colleagues.  


This is a cloud solution, stored on our own secure, encrypted servers. There are three main aspects:


It connects to a large range of data sources and file types, such as your ERP, databases and spreadsheets, and processes them on the fly.

It aggregates the cleaned data in a centralised data warehouse.

It gives you intuitive access to the ready-to-use data, where you can explore the data and create dashboards.

The first two steps are carried out for you by the experts at Unipart Digital. As a user, you get access to a dedicated web application, where the super users can administrate your data. All users can access that data and create dashboards.


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