Dragonfly - a new way of making smarter decisions

Traditional forecasting tools do exist, but their methods tend to overlook a critical aspect of making predictions: uncertainty. Anything can happen at any time and you need to be prepared. You need a robust solution designed with an understanding of the dynamic world of the supply-chain environment.

Dragonfly answers critical questions



Use of Dragonfly in the Unipart Digital Inventory System can unlock significant additional stock savings—up to 5-10%, or even more—as validated by comprehensive warehouse simulations. Designed in collaboration with Supply Chain experts, it serves as an enhancement to the standard inventory management tool and is currently being rolled out for various parts of the Group such as Unipart Rail.

Enables insight into your processes

Accurate and interpretable time-series forecasts can be generated for a variety of data types

Helps mitigate risks

Specially designed to deal with uncertainty, Dragonfly lets you simulate different scenarios so that you're prepared for nearly every eventuality

Drives more informed decisions

Accurate, up-to-date information leads to smarter decisions that make a difference

Allows for accurate forecasts that consider uncertainties

Our simulator understands and re-creates the behaviour of supply-chain networks

Helps prepare you for every possibility with 'What-if’ scenarios

Predicting the impact of a decision or process change on your KPIs

Optimises processes to improve operational performance

Optimisation algorithms adjust your operations to enable the best possible outcome

Has KPI targets which can be adjusted as needed

Use the process simulator to search through combinations to achieve your objectives

Improves resource allocation

Dragonfly enables agility, which helps you gain significant efficiencies

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