Usage of Dragonfly's forecasting, optimisation enables data-driven decisions even in highly variable environments, thanks to advanced modelling capabilities

Advanced probabilistic modelling can appropriately capture the uncertainty associated with modern supply chain operations. This enables data-driven decisions even in highly variable environments.


In applications such as predictive maintenance, Dragonfly can demonstrate a significant reduction in unplanned events. As a result, operational cost reduction can translate into savings of several million pounds per year.

In inventory and warehouse applications, Dragonfly has already delivered significant benefits:

  • It has enabled proactive resource planning up to three months in advance 

and in combination with other production control tools it also 

  • reduced overtime by 60% 
  • and reduced agency turnover by 90% 

Dragonfly provides the kind of accurate, up-to-date information, which leads to smarter decisions that make a difference. Furthermore, it is designed to integrate with other core systems created by Unipart Digital, such as the Unipart Digital Inventory System.

Forecasting when maintenance is required is just one part of solving the problem.

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