SmartGauge captures comprehensive data, enabling you to improve components and processes

Traditional processes typically either generate little quantitative data, or huge amounts of data that’s filed away, never to be acted upon. Either scenario makes the data useless.

SmartGauge measures specified characteristics using an unlimited number of digital sensors. These sensors collect data and analyse it to monitor the stability of manufacturing processes. You’re alerted to the slightest deviation so that you can address the issue and prevent waste and ensure your parts are produced to agreed specifications.

Here's how it works

Data is saved on the cloud, or “data lake”

Automated analysis software evaluates the data, looking for process deviation

Issues are flagged, alerting a manufacturing engineer that their process is not stable

Action can be immediately taken, preventing more defective parts from being produced, and thus, more waste from being generated

From the data held internally, behind the firewall, you can better predict what the process parameters should be for your components

This data can be used for machine learning, giving you deeper insight into what you’re manufacturing