Designed for quick, effective communication

Over the many years that we’ve been using Digital Communication Cells across our sites, they’ve proven to be a reliable way to communicate across a complex operational environment. We’ve also learned that people find them easy to use and an engaging way to receive updates from managers as well as other teams. For instance, by quickly connecting people during the global health crisis, we’ve also been able to adapt to change quickly, engage people where ever they are in the world, and enable people to work as teams whether on-site or at home.


Driving operational excellence in multiple locations

A daily meeting of the full team is not always straightforward when that team is distributed across different sites or branches. To maximise employee engagement, the Digital Communication Cell drives operational excellence in multiple locations. It makes it easy to participate in the process with a compelling experience, even when people are spread across different sites.

Data analytics and history

Digital Communication Cell data shows the information that is "in the moment". But there is a wealth of historical data stored online, which can provide insights and comparisons to enable teams to track decisions and learn accurately, rather than relying on paper-based files or memory.

Facilitating remote collaboration

Everyone can participate as often as needed. Remote access to Digital Communication Cells facilitates best-practice sharing across a wide range of devices. Importantly, this is not about being present less often; it is about participating more frequently.


By having clear metrics and working to understand why problems arise, teams gain greater insight into their day-to-day operations, based on data rather than opinion. This provides a powerful basis for changing behaviours and improving productivity in the long term.

With Digital Communication Cells, the meeting is wherever you are