Unipart Named Top Company for Graduates

Unipart Group has been voted the best in its class for graduates to work for in the transport, logistics and distribution sector by graduates providing reviews on TheJobCrowd site. TheJobCrowd is a graduate recruitment site often described as the ‘TripAdvisor’ for jobs. It hosts thousands of reviews, all written by graduate employees.

Graduates stated that Unipart Group has a “culture, respect, openness and can-do approach to everything” and that their employer “takes huge pride in their graduates”.Unipart graduates said that “getting such a large amount of responsibility, and being

put outside of my comfort zone at such an early stage has been brilliant for my development”. Training and support was scored highly with reviewers commenting on “amazing investment” in training and supporting graduates, “brilliant training opportunities” including “emotional intelligence development”, “training relevant to my job” and a strong emphasis on “lean and six sigma” principles, which underpin The ‘Unipart Way’.

The combination of early and significant responsibility and top-class training and support also translated into excellent ratings for Career Progression. In particular, Unipart’s graduates praised the fact that there is “lots of flexibility on the scheme, and

I have been able to try many different roles”.

This flexibility creates the “ability to dictate the direction of my placements” which means that graduates have “the opportunity to work on varied and interesting projects that suit my interests.” As one reviewer summarised: “This separates this Graduate scheme from the rest”.

Unipart won the award for the smaller hire class – reflecting the fact that Unipart makes a great effort to select the very best graduates from many applicants.