Unipart Group has a successful history of reinvention.

From our strong heritage in the automotive industry, Unipart has grown into a global company with operations in manufacturing, logistics, and consultancy in operational excellence.

Our core philosophy and values enshrined in The Unipart Way empower everyone at every level of the organisation to deliver benefits to customers.

Through continuous improvement our 8,000 employees have embraced the Fourth Industrial Revolution, using a digital lens with a green tint to identify safer, more efficient, more sustainable solutions for our customers.

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TUS_Slide_1 The Unipart Story Unipart Group is one of the largest private companies in our sector We work with the best companies in the world. We are one of Britain’s largest employee-owned companies, with the majority of shares being held by employees.But when the group formed nearly three decades ago, it was ideas rather than size that shaped our fortunes. TUS_Slide_2 A Learning Company While learning and personal development was at the heart of Unipart's culture, it did not stop with formal "training". Programmes such as Our Contribution Counts Circles trained all employees in a simple, six stage approach to problem solving, then encouraged and empowered then to seek out problems in the workplace and form teams to drive effective solutions. TUS_Slide_3 Our Philosophy Privatising Unipart created the agenda for a different kind of company that would become a model of operational excellence providing logistics and consultancy services for a wide new range of companies. Our group philosophy, to understand the real and perceived needs of our customers better than anyone else, and to serve them better than anyone else, set the agenda for the company. TUS_Slide_4 The Unipart Way At the heart of our Group is The Unipart Way - our philosophy of working that has been developed over more than 20 years. Contact us to learn how we can help you improve productivity in your organisation. Click Here To learn more about Unipart scroll down



Did you know…


Slide Unipart Logistics operate one of the largest mobile device repair centres
in Europe repairing over 100,000 devices a month.
Slide Unipart Logistics designed the internal layout for 2500 vans for Sky engineers. Unipart fits out each van and supplies all
parts for Sky engineers.
Slide Unipart Logistics has achieved record breaking results in every market in the world in a global
survey of parts managers.
Slide Unipart Rail supplies over 60 of the leading rail industry companies and has the UK’s largest range
of products for servicing and maintaining
the rail industry.
Slide Unipart Dorman designed the UK’s first warning lamp for road hazards which sits on top of road cones and is now an
industry standard.
Slide Unipart Manufacturing’s Serck Services Motorsport supplied cooling package in the Aston Martin that helped to win their first race victory in the British
GT Championship in 2012.
Slide Unipart Expert Practices achieved IIP ‘Champion’ status -- the highest level of recognition awarded by Investors in People. Slide Unipart Expert Practices helped Countess of Chester Hospital win the ‘Project of the Year’ award from the Lean Healthcare Academy through a programme
that saved over £25m per annum.
Slide Unipart provides training to other companies through both the Institute of Operations Management (IOM)
and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT).
Slide Serck Gulf is the only international heat transfer specialist in the Middle East offering heat exchange services to
petrochemical plants, oil rigs and refineries.

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