Unipart launches support for SUGAR SMART Campaign

Unipart Group has got behind SUGAR SMART, a new campaign to help reduce sugar in our diet led by the charity Sustain.

During Responsible Business Week, the logistics, manufacturing and consultancy company launched its support at the company’s restaurant, The Art Room.

The restaurant will not only have new healthy choices, but will also be adopting the traffic light sticker system on products to identify healthier options.

Deborah Astles, HR Director, Corporate Responsibility & Policy, Unipart Group said:  “This is our first step in our support for SUGAR SMART, and we’re delighted to get behind such a fantastic initiative.

“SUGAR SMART fits with our wellbeing strategy, Unipart WorkWell, which is focused on empowering our employees to be healthier by taking personal responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. We have a duty as an employer to do as much as we can to help educate about the issues of consuming too much sugar.”

Vera Zakharov, Sustainable Food Cities Campaign Officer said:  “It’s great to see employers like Unipart Group joining SUGAR SMART and doing their bit to support employees to lead healthier lives. People spend a significant amount of time at their place of employment, which is why it is vital that workplaces use the opportunity to engage people on sugar reduction and improve the food on offer within their setting.”