Working constructively with partners for mutual benefit

Unipart has consistently met its target to invest 1% of its pre-tax profits in the community in line with its Value Set and Business in the Community guidelines. However, our engagement with community stakeholders is about so much more than just giving money. Consistent with its corporate responsibility approach Unipart invests people’s skills, time and energy into a whole host of community activities to deliver value for the business, individuals and communities.

Community Investment

Unipart believes that the community activities it supports should be consistent with Unipart’s values and culture and have measurable benefits on both sides. The most effective results are achieved from a strong partnership with clear objectives, where benefits are agreed and monitored through a regular review process.

Our corporate community investment amounted to £149,601 not just from cash donations but also included staff and management time, and gifts in kind. These investments are in line with the Business in The Community (BITC) PerCent Club guidelines and our Group Policy Statement on corporate community investment.


These significant contributions were made to a variety of community partners with key themes being Education and Health. Significant work was also done in three other areas consistent with Unipart’s key values: Employability, Environment and Economic Development. Volunteer hours totalled 2564 across the group, bearing testimony to our employees’ passionate dedication to social issues


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