Reducing Energy Usage

Reducing carbon emissions and waste within the core business and encouraging wider groups of stakeholders to do the same.

We set the highest environmental performance and improvement standards. Increasingly we are engaging with our stakeholders to raise environmental awareness and work with them to reduce carbon emissions across our supply chains.


Objectives and Approach

Unipart’s environmental objectives are to meet or exceed minimum legal requirements, measure impacts and set targets for improvement in the areas of: Energy, Waste Management, Carbon Emissions and Water Usage.

Responsibility for the environment is embedded into core business processes, and all levels of management – from directors to team leaders – are responsible for proactively assessing and minimising environmental risks as part of their normal operations. Cross divisional forums are in place to spread best practice in energy, water and waste management.

We encourage all employees to raise their awareness of environmental issues and to take personal responsibility to minimise adverse environmental impacts of their activities.


Unipart has achieved significant benefits from embedding environmental strategy into its core business processes:

  • Spreading best practice via a common approach and standard processes
  • Improved environmental awareness within the business
  • Increased ownership for environmental improvement
  • Credibility with existing and new business clients 
  • Reducing carbon footprint from use of energy, water and transport
  • Reducing emissions from landfill by increasing waste recycling
  • Ensuring legislative compliance


Don’t take our word for it, here’s some of the awards
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