Slide Budgeting Take a free financial
health check
Debt management The more you know about where you are with money the better you’ll be able to make adjustments to help you achieve your financial goals.

LifeWorks offers a free online tool for assessing the overall health of your financial wellbeing (requires LifeWorks log in).
Proactively managing your personal finances is the best way to put you in a position of control over your money.

Salary Finance has a free budget planner where you can input all your household in and outgoings to get detailed analysis.
If you need help to deal with managing your finances, debt charity StepChange have qualified advisors who will work with you either online or over the phone to advise you on the best way to manage debt. Learn more Learn more Learn more

Slide Click image to play Watch this video to find out Watch this video to find out Your money mindset What are the three things most often holding people back when it comes to managing money?
How do you not let your past money mistakes influence your future?
What quick money wins can you implement to make an immediate difference?

Slide Further resources Learn more If you are a Unipart employee not registered with LifeWorks contact your local HR representative to request an invitation code or ask your line manager to help. Learn more Citizens Advice provides guidance on getting help to pay bills. Use their budgeting tool to understand what you're earning and spending and where you may be able to cut costs. Learn more Get free, independent guidance on what benefits you may be entitled to. Mental Health & Money Advice is the first UK-wide service to combine support for both mental health and financial problems. If you, or someone you’re concerned about, is experiencing emotional distress or a mental issue reach out to our trained volunteer colleagues who can give you initial support and signpost you to appropriate help (requires Unipart Way Online login). Learn more Learn more Unipart mental health first aiders Access hundreds of high street discounts through LifeWorks perks or ask your line manager for access to the Unipart employee discount page available on the My Web intranet. Learn more Employee