Unipart Kicks Off Mentoring Sessions with The Oxford Academy

Unipart is leading Oxford’s Business Class programme, which pairs a local company with one of seven secondary schools in Oxford.

Unipart is working with The Oxford Academy in Littlemore,  We have a long-term connection with the school and, over the years, have led a number of initiatives with their students.One of the problems that the school faces involves raising aspirations for young people, particularly in terms of opportunities for careers in business.

As a result, The Oxford Academy has asked if Unipart people would provide up to an hour every 3 to 4 weeks mentoring students aged 16 – 18. On a one-to-one basis, a mentor will provide a student with personal insight about what it is like to work in a company like Unipart, and an understanding of the sorts of jobs and roles that exist. Mentoring is open to all levels of employee, including those who do not have any experience working with young people.

Mentoring sessions take place during school hours, term time only.  Mentoring sessions  take place during the working day and are arranged to fit in with the requirements of the business.