Unipart Inspires the Armed Forces with employment pilot

Unipart Inspires is a programme developed with Unipart and Business in the Community to inspire young people about work. This approach was recently extended to a pilot with the Armed Forces, which saw ten serving military personnel come to Unipart’s headquarters in Oxford to give them skills to help them prepare for transition to civilian life either now or in the future.

The workshop provided an insight into what a modern company was like to work for and gave them the skills to prepare to work, secure jobs and present skills on paper, online and in person.

An attendee on the day said:  “There was much in the course content to generate a sense of hunting for a job rather than simply searching. This caused a shift in attitude. If one is hunting you need to ask a lot more of yourself than if one is simply searching. Enveloping individual mentoring within the concept of a personal marketing plan undoubtedly set the conditions for promoting a positive and optimistic attitude.”

It was exceptionally well-received by the delegates who have recommended that this event takes place again.