Unipart Inspires Programme Extends to Bicester Garrison

Around 30 service personnel from Bicester Garrison attended a special course in the Unipart U to help them to transition to roles in industry.

The course, called Developing a Personal Marketing Plan, was originally designed for managers from companies in the Oxfordshire area who had been made redundant during the 2008 recession. JobCentrePlus turned to Unipart to create a course to help them find a way back into employment applying a set of marketing skills to the process of job hunting.

The course has now been adapted for military personnel and contributes to the Army’s Individual Planning and Personal Development programme and is run under the Unipart Inspires programme.

Lt Col Lyndon M Robinson RLC, Commanding Officer, Headquarters Bicester Garrison & Bicester Garrison Support Unit, joined men and women from Bicester Garrison for the course that was held in the Unipart U, in Unipart House, Cowley.

MoD Bicester is a large military storage and distribution centre just outside Bicester in Oxfordshire. Currently about 1,000 service personnel and 1,200 civilians work within the Bicester site resulting in the Garrison being one of the largest employees in the Cherwell District Councils’ area.

Pictured with the course attendees are Lt Col Lyndon Robinson and Frank Nigriello, Unipart’s Group Director of Corporate Affairs, who designed and delivered the course.