Nuneaton’s rainwater harvesting system

The team at Unipart Logistics Nuneaton implemented a rainwater harvesting system, significantly reducing the amount of clean water being wasted during recycling facility cleaning processes.

The introduction of this sustainable solution achieved predicted savings of 2,600 litres of water per year, and supports Unipart’s goal of reducing water consumption by 5% in 2023.

Previously, the recycling facility had been using 10 litres of clean tap water each day to wash down and cleanse the floor to ensure that dust, which was being brought into the facility on waste bags, was kept to a minimum.

Romana Stanova, Environmental Manager, explained: “At Unipart Logistics in Nuneaton, we are continuously looking at ways to mitigate the impact of our operation processes on the environment, whether it relates to energy and carbon reduction, or water wastage.”

After exploring more sustainable options, the team decided to introduce a water butt that would capture rainwater, and negate the need for fresh tap water.

Once the water butt was implemented, the site was able to take advantage of a rainwater harvesting system that would significantly reduce water wastage. 

Nuneaton, like all Unipart sites, will continue to seek sustainable solutions to ensure Unipart can achieve its carbon net zero goals, and support the environment for years to come.