Helping Improve Opportunities for Those with Barriers to Employment

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), through its Charitable Trust, has teamed up with the Foyer Federation to support a programme aimed at encouraging young people to come and work in the automotive industry in the UK.

The programme seeks to develop the skills of young people to enable them to be employable and ultimately independent adults.

Unipart Manufacturing are members of the SMMT and were approached earlier in the year with a request to become involved in the programme, along with Ford and Toyota, and provide work related, project based, opportunities through pilot schemes to some of these young people.

The scheme closely fitted our Corporate  Responsibly (CR) strategy of working with young people and encouraging them to pursue careers in our industry, and so we agreed to participate and have been working on identifying suitable work related projects.

A team of six young people joined recently for a period of five weeks on suitable work related projects. The team worked on a project in the Teaching Factory at UEES in the HPE (High Performance Exhausts) area with the HPE team. The project was exploring how to create kits of parts to help improve the efficiency of the area.