Customer Feedback Process for Vodafone

Unipart Technology Logistics (UTL), working with one of its major clients, Vodafone, is developing new ways of getting customer feedback both from phone users and from Vodafone staff. UTL is supplementing normal KPI information with individual customer experiences.

Using information requested from customers via text for each ‘touch point,’ this service provides a score which allows customers to be categorised as Detractors, Neutral or Promoters.

If there is a poor score, UTL wants to understand why the customer is unhappy with the process, so that process can be improved.

To build stronger partnerships between UTL and Vodafone, relationships between people in each company are developed via an annual conference and survey where formal feedback is obtained from paired interviews covering all functions.

The partnership survey is analysed and shared with Vodafone, and there is an agreed strategy for improvement.