Carbon Management in the Supply Chain

Unipart Technology Logistics (UTL) has developed a close working relationship with leading satellite services provider, Sky, that is based on a common commitment to reduce the environmental impact of supplying parts to their engineers.

Sky awarded UTL the contract to manage their fleet of 2,500 engineer vehicles. Since then UTL has implemented a number of improvements to reduce fleet cost and CO2 emissions:

For instance, racking is now recycled from old to new vehicles. This year, 850 new vehicles will be fitted with recycled racking, saving around 350 tonnes of CO2 by avoiding the manufacture of new racking

A trial of four new delivery vehicle models was done to test fuel efficiency compared with the existing model used. UTL reviewed fuel efficiency as part of whole life costs and selected a new model. It is estimated this will improve fuel efficiency by 10% – equivalent to saving annual CO2 emissions of about 6 tonnes per van, or 5,000 tonnes across the 850 new vehicles this year.

UTL also reduced the number of stages in delivery and commissioning of new vehicles. New and replacement vehicles are now delivered to one place, where existing racking is fitted to the new vehicle.