Tapping into a greener future

A Unipart employee developed an innovative and cost-effective solution to significantly reduce water waste at the Unipart Logistics Nuneaton Distribution Centre.

Stock Controller Nigel Walsh used the creative problem solving tools of The Unipart Way to identify an issue with a newly-installed water system during a routine walk around the site.

Nigel explained: “During a routine walk, I overheard the sound of running water despite no nearby tap being in use. On closer inspection, I noticed that proximity to the sinks activated the taps inadvertently. My quick assessment revealed significant water waste within a short duration. Recognising the broader implications over shifts, including the energy required to heat this water, I was compelled to address this.”

Immediately turning to the tools of The Unipart Way, Nigel implemented an innovative and cost-effective solution, saving tens of thousands of pounds in cost avoidance. 

In the three months following the implementation of Nigel’s solution there was a significant decrease in water usage, ultimately enabling the site to exceed its annual water reduction target (9.7% reduction in 2023 compared to 2022).

Nigel was recognised for his conscientiousness and proactive approach with an award from Mark in Action, Unipart’s 35-year-old programme for outstanding customer service.

John Neill, Unipart Group Executive Chairman, commended Nigel’s green thinking: “You owned the problem, you didn’t walk by.”

Nigel’s solution has inspired Unipart employees to view all processes through a green lens, and continually strive for environmentally sustainable solutions.

Unipart’s 2040 net-zero target and 2030 near-term target of reaching an at least 90% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions have now been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative, a global body that promotes best practice in science-based target setting, adding external transparency and assurance to Unipart’s 2040 net zero objective.