The Art Room team lights the way for carbon reductions

A team in The Art Room, the Unipart House head office restaurant, used an Our Contribution Counts circle (OCC) to reduce energy consumption in their operation.

Prior to the OCC, a key problem solving tool of The Unipart Way, The Art Room had a large number of inefficient lights. The team decided to support Unipart’s net zero target by exploring a more sustainable alternative, which has now led to a saving of 0.7 tonnes of CO2 each year.

Kathy Head, Catering Manager, explained: “We realised that even though the lights had always been there, there were different options that could save money and reduce our CO2. In The Art Room we have always used creative problem solving and OCCs to help us solve issues, which have given us the benefit on many occasions of finding the root cause and eliminating the issues once and for all.”

Their OCC is projected to reduce CO2 emissions by 0.7 tonnes a year and make savings of up to £4,160 annually. Inspired by this achievement, The Art Room team continues to implement The Unipart Way, striving for cost efficiency, productivity, and environmental sustainability. 

Kathy added: “Going forwards, we’re looking at doing more OCCs on some of the processes we currently do daily in The Art Room, to see how we can eliminate even more wastage.”

By implementing sustainable solutions at every opportunity Unipart is demonstrating a steadfast commitment to its environmental targets, ensuring a green future for all.