We understand the challenge of transformation, whether that’s within an end to end supply chain or other equally vital business functions – we know what successful, sustained transformation looks like from the boardroom through to the shop floor. 

It’s at the heart of what we do to ourselves and for our customers everyday and has been pivotal to Unipart’s story of success over three decades. Through our consultancy services, we can help you achieve the same.  

We have decades of experience working with organisations and supply chains across automotive, health, utilities, technology and public sectors, with proven examples of where successful transformations have been sustained to deliver benefits in customer experience, environmental sustainability, employee engagement and bottom line profit.

Frequently asked questions


How does Unipart Consultancy approach client engagements?

Our approach is fundamentally focused on people and process first, ensuring that transformation and change are sustained in the long term. We work alongside our customers and their people, engaging them throughout the change process and providing optimal solutions through training and application of best practices.


How do you define success for a consultancy project?

Achieving success can take various forms. However, our priority is consistently understanding the client’s strategic objectives from the outset. We ensure that our programmes and projects are aligned to deliver toward their strategic imperatives.


What industries do you specialise in for consultancy services?

Our capabilities span across all sectors. In recent projects, we’ve successfully operated within a diverse range of industries, including retail, aerospace, automotive, heavy machinery, healthcare, construction, utilities, financial services, higher education, and industrials.


Can you provide examples of past project successes?

We have recently delivered major supply chain and business transformation for several blue-chip companies across private and public sectors. These have delivered six-figure cash benefits, and operating cost reductions, whilst enhancing quality and service levels for the end customers.


Case studies can be found here.


What makes Unipart Consultancy different from other consulting firms?

We are independent supply chain & performance improvement specialists, our unique engagement approach unlocks sustainable transformation of your supply chain. At Unipart Consultancy, we pride ourselves on codifying the best practice, from designing and delivering supply chains for customers globally to delivering that best practice thinking to wider organisations. The way we think, the way we act and the way we behave is enabled by a continuous improvement culture which we call the Unipart Way. We employ an approach made up of principles, systems and tools to deliver results within the business and to our customers.