As leaders in supply chain solutions and performance improvement technologies, Unipart brings together a unique wealth of expertise to create an approach focused on sustainable solutions

Sustainability: A non-negotiable imperative.

Organisations are under intense pressure to slash carbon emissions. New and upcoming policy mandates organisations to disclose progress against carbon reduction targets, in support of the UK net-zero target for 2050. Transparency and traceability are now non-negotiable for consumer loyalty in their carbon reduction journeys. Overhauling supply chains is imperative for optimised, resilient, and sustainable operations. Those prioritising accelerated learning with a dedicated focus on sustainability are poised to lead.

Operating within an environmentally responsible supply chain minimises negative environmental impacts and ensures long-term success. Supply chains significantly contribute to environmental costs, responsible for 80% of the average company’s emissions footprint and 60% of global emissions. Managing and reducing product emissions throughout the supply chain is crucial.


Our approach

According to the CDP, Scope 3 emissions generated by sold and purchased goods account for around 90% of a company’s emissions on average, although Scope 3 emissions are not composed of only these emissions. Given the breadth and depth of the environmental challenge that organisations face, our practical strategy, rooted in process and engineering best practices, centres on fulfilling Scope 3 reduction commitments by driving efficiency and carbon reduction throughout key supplier operations. We recommend that OEMs initially focus on their inbound supply chain.

Our approach designs and implements a benefit-funded programme comprising three interrelated workstreams: Process and Supply Chain Performance; Product & Engineering; Facility Cost & Forecast.


Why choose Unipart as your sustainability consultant?

Unipart is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing a sustainable and environmentally responsible business model. Since 2016, UL has achieved 0% waste to landfill, and we continually strive to strengthen our commitment. In 2023, we received recognition with over 95% in the British Safety Council Five Star Environmental Sustainability Audit, alongside the esteemed BSC Globe of Honour.

Our Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions proposition leverages Unipart Rail’s research, Unipart Technology Group’s innovation, and Unipart Logistics’ logistics expertise. Aligned with the Unipart Way’s continuous improvement ethos, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond rhetoric; it’s embedded in our actions, initiatives, and ongoing projects.



Sustainability consultancy case study

We are committed to minimising our carbon footprint, exemplified by our ambitious targets: achieving a net-zero target by 2040 and a 2030 near-term target of reaching at least 90% reduction in scope 1 and 2 emissions, as verified by the Science Based Targets initiative. In line with our sustainability journey, we aspire to share valuable insights and experiences through consultancy services.

Unipart implemented a robust waste management strategy within the Sky supply chain operation, processing over 3535 tonnes of waste in 2023 with an exceptional 99.05% recycling rate and a steadfast commitment to zero landfill. Notably, 88.77 tonnes of waste were successfully reused, showcasing our dedication and creativity to extending the life of materials.

A major British train company partnered with Eco Insight to achieve priority objectives: to reduce carbon emissions, enhance overall energy efficiency and deliver improved operational sustainability with reduced environmental impacts. Eco Insight, is the energy monitoring and analytics platform from Unipart that combines AI, machine learning and powerful data analytics to provide organisations with the data needed to measure their environmental impact and take steps to operate more sustainably. Eco Insight was installed into existing operational infrastructure to provide real-time insights into energy usage and identify areas of wastage and high consumption that needed immediate attention.

To access our Sustainability Brochure detailing our approach and the benefits of sustainable best practices, click here.

Our full 2023 Unipart Group Corporate Responsibility report can be read here.

Contact us to find out how this can be translated into a solution for your organisation, which, supported by our expert consultants, will embed sustainable practice into every aspect of your business. 


Chris Dixon

Director of Unipart Consultancy

Chris is an experienced Business Director with a career spanning over 20 years in supply chain and other equally vital business functions.