Transformation through end-to-end supply chain support and improvements, fostering resiliency and sustainability

Expertise in supply chain management

Unipart Consultancy has decades of experience in designing and operating supply chains across multiple sectors. The team has significant data science and analytics experience with capabilities across data modelling, forecasting, scenario planning and practical transformation programmes to ensure supply chains operate with resiliency and sustainably.

Our unique position in delivering world-class performance across each aspect of the end-to-end value chain enables us to understand that impact ahead of time and balance risk and reward accordingly.

Transforming your supply chain


We can support all end-to-end supply chain activities and improvements to transform your supply chain in support of growth, building capacity, improving visibility and managing your capital-intensive asset bases.

As more companies and organisations recognise the importance of supply chain resiliency and sustainability, we are here to provide tailored solutions that meet these evolving needs. Our focus is on empowering businesses to thrive in challenging environments while managing their ecological footprint.

Supply chain service provision


Supply chain infographic

Supply chain consultancy case study

Unipart Consultancy’s collaboration with a pioneering EV manufacturer highlights the critical role of aftermarket logistics in meeting customer promises and supporting the rapid growth of the electric truck market. The consultancy leverages its extensive automotive supply chain experience to assist new EV brands in navigating the complexities of last-mile logistics and aftermarket operations.

The EV manufacturer, poised for a successful debut in 2023, faces the challenge of scaling up production while ensuring a robust aftermarket network to support customer needs. Unipart Consultancy initiates a comprehensive approach, conducting cross-functional workshops to understand the customer’s current state and future requirements.

The outcome is twofold: first, an integrated aftermarket logistics strategy that aligns with the OEM’s customer promise and ownership model, facilitating strong customer service and minimising vehicle downtime. Second, a scalable infrastructure capable of accommodating fluctuations in demand, providing a competitive edge to emerging EV businesses.

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