Transforming organisations, value streams and processes to deliver sustainable value

Our business transformation approach

Unipart Consultancy’s business transformation approach is underpinned by tools and methodologies which, when combined with the deep expertise of our Consultants, can support organisations in identifying, designing, and executing the operational and process changes needed to transform their businesses.

Transforming your supply chain

With a focus on building the capabilities to sustain process improvement that results in bottom-line benefit, supporting, developing and engaging leaders to become advocates of change, embedding behaviours that sustain a culture of continuous improvement and the deployment of appropriate digital technologies. Our business transformation consultancy services can help reimagine and transform business processes and operations.

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Transformation enables sustained levels of value

Unipart Consultancy supports organisations to define strategic aims and desired results before deploying their resources to deliver them through an aligned suite of programmes and projects that can be effectively cascaded through the business. Recognising that every organisation faces different challenges with differing degrees of immediacy, we provide sequential or independent activities to the scope and level required;

  1. Establishing capabilities at all levels through our Training Academy, teaching programmes combined with a blend of learning and development activities for teams and individuals
  2. Vision and direction setting to align resources toward a clear goal and objective, developing a PDM to ensure clear deliverables and tangible benefits
  3. A detailed diagnostic of your organisation, specific value stream or process. Using our experience, digital diagnostic tools and engaging approach to provide clear recommendations on where value lies and the change required to realise it
  4. Enabling the transformation to achieve sustainable levels of value and improved performance by designing and delivering a programme of activities at all levels to achieve long-term success





Unipart ASCI learning academy

To be successful in today’s world, businesses and individuals must be able to learn, react and adapt to meet evolving market and customer demands. Businesses set up to succeed are supported by a culture of continuous improvement and an ability to make improvements from within.

The Unipart ASCI Academy combines nearly 40 years of learning, skills development, continuous improvement, and operational excellence applied inside our own business, our customer’s business, and globally to create a unique learning centre.

Led by Unipart Consultancy practitioners with over 100 years combined experience, our Academy offers a blend of learning and development activities, including in-person and remote courses and tool kits combining classroom, work-shop, digital platforms and go-see experiences for teams and individuals.

The Advanced Supply Chain Institute (ASCI) is a multi-purpose learning and collaboration space in Unipart House, our Oxford headquarters, where tomorrow’s supply chains are reimagined, enhanced and transformed.

In the Academy, we TEACH business leaders the skills, BUILD the capabilities and confidence and ENABLE the mindsets individuals and teams need to deliver and sustain performance benefits inside organisations; from the boardroom to the shop floor.

Read our Unipart ASCI Academy brochure here

Contact us to find out how this can be translated into a solution for your organisation, which, supported by our expert consultants, will deliver sustainable value.

Business transformation consultancy case study

The UK automotive distribution sector is fiercely competitive, demanding top-tier service for growth. With a vast branch network serving over 30,000 customers, our client faced underperformance requiring swift transformation. Implementing improvement programmes in numerous small locations posed unique challenges, including resistance to change and time constraints.

Unipart Consultancy was tasked with instilling the Unipart Way across the network. Overcoming resistance, they devised a comprehensive rollout strategy emphasising tangible benefits and long-term commitment. Immersing branch staff in Unipart’s operational sites showcased the methodology’s effectiveness, fostering enthusiasm and engagement.

To sustain changes, a robust electronic coaching system was introduced, providing real-time guidance and driving continuous improvement. This led to a 20% performance boost and doubled problem-solving engagement. The 12-month implementation yielded significant improvements: a 10% sales increase and £1 million in cost savings from innovative problem-solving. Additional benefits included an 80% reduction in abandoned calls, an 85% reduction in stock errors and 21% year-on-year sales growth.

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Alan Jones

Head of Delivery

I’ve trained and coached individuals at every level, from the boardroom through to the shop floor.

With over 30 years of experience leading large transformational journeys and process improvements across a wide range of industries and sectors, I really enjoy seeing the people that we work with grow and develop and make a real difference within their workplace.