Unipart Consultancy Partners with Riskoa

May 2024 – Supporting Unipart’s strategic commitment to sustainability, Unipart Consultancy is pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Riskoa, a leading provider of carbon management digital solutions and sustainability advice. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our mission to drive sustainable best practices within supply chain management.

At Unipart Consultancy, we recognise the urgent need for businesses to prioritise sustainability initiatives and create highly performing supply chains with a carbon-balanced impact focused on product, resources consumed and business process. Through our partnership with Riskoa, we aim to use their cutting-edge digital solutions alongside our consultancy expertise to deliver scalable, innovative solutions including product life cycle assessments.

Chris Dixon, Director of Unipart Consultancy, has expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, “Our collaboration with Riskoa represents a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing sustainability practices. Together, we have the opportunity to drive meaningful change and create lasting value for our clients and the environment”.

Roger Singleton, CEO of Riskoa, added, “We are excited to join forces with Unipart Consultancy to deliver impactful solutions that address the complex challenges of sustainable supply chain management. By combining our strengths, we can empower businesses to make informed decisions and achieve their sustainability goals”.

This partnership enables Unipart Consultancy to apply artificial intelligence and simulation to products, in order to understand the Carbon impact of that product throughout its lifecycle. This delivers significant value to our customers as it allows them to pinpoint which aspects of production are driving carbon, to provide focus on areas of improvement, and to do so in a highly automated and timely way. We deliver speed to value. Through this exciting new partnership, Unipart Consultancy and Riskoa are ready to work together in shaping a more sustainable future for businesses worldwide.

See our Sustainability webpage to learn how our approach can be translated into a solution for your organisation, which, supported by our expert consultants, will embed sustainable practice into every aspect of your business.

Visit Riskoa’s website to learn more about their innovative sustainability solutions.